SExtractor -- astronomical source extractor

(You can go to the project summary page at

SExtractor (Source-Extractor) is a program that builds a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image. It is particularly oriented towards reduction of large scale galaxy-survey data, but it also performs well on moderately crowded star fields.

We have just put this project on sourceforge and are still working on setting up the CVS repository, so there is not much here yet.

You can find the Current SExtractor manual at

You can get released tarballs of SExtractor

If you want even more current sources for SExtractor you could check them out with anonymous CVS; instructions are at

Note that to use the Los Alamos memory-resident API to sextrator (which is available in CVS on the lanl-api-tinyfits branch) you will need the tinyfits library (which is a wrapper around CFITSIO which you also need). For now you can get tinyfits and my automake-enabled CFITSIO library packaging at this URL, but soon this link will be unnecessary and you will be able to simply use the tinyfits home page listed above. Send any questions to Mark Galassi or Dan Starr.

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